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Security Information

The Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) protects our country’s transportation systems and operates airport security checkpoints. For detailed information about security procedures and regulations, you can contact the TSA at (866) 289-9673 or visit

Getting through security screening can faster when you come prepared. These tips can help:

Before you go

  • Pack your luggage in layers (this increases visibility when baggage is scanned) and place loose metal items like change in your carry-on
  • Visit the TSA website for their list of prohibited items and information about food/gifts, batteries and what liquids are permitted in your carry-on
  • Confirm passport and VISA requirements with Homeland Security
  • Give yourself extra time to check in and get through security

At Security

  • Have your boarding pass and ID ready
  • Take off your outer garments and shoes and place laptops in bins
  • Have your prescription cards for all medications including syringes ready. Medication should be in its original packaging.
  • Be prepared for potential additional security procedures including body scanners and pat downs

Transporting Firearms

State gun laws vary considerably. Before possessing and carrying firearms into New York please be aware of local New York City gun control laws. Please check with New York City Police prior to possessing and carrying a weapon into New York City.

Trusted Traveler Programs


TSA Pre® is an expedited security screening program for passengers who are considered low-risk and who qualify for the program. Find out more and apply for TSA Pre✓.

Global Entry Program

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) offers expedited travel for pre-approved, low risk travelers who qualify. Learn more about CBP’s Global Entry Program.

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